The Debt – by Angela Hunt (2004)

Can a person totally leave behind their past? Emma thinks so. She has buried her seedy past, which included selling her body to survive, having an abortion, and then giving birth to a son who she gave up for adoption. Since then, she has sorted out her life with the help of a godly woman, given her heart to Jesus, and married Abel. Abel becomes a pastor, and his congregation grows into a mega-church. They start a television ministry, and worshipers all over the country tune in to see Abel preach and Emma sing.

But the truth has a way of bubbling to the surface. Her grown son Christopher calls, and would like to meet her. This is, of course, very awkward, as Emma’s husband knows nothing about her having a child. But Emma really wants to meet her son and heads downtown to meet him.

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Trial And Error – by Robert Whitlow (2021)

Lawyer Buddy Smith is a small-town lawyer looking for missing local children. There’s a young boy who was taken out of state by his father without permission from his mother, with no intention of returning him home. There’s a runaway teenage girl whose parents are desperate to find her. And there’s Buddy’s own daughter, whom he hasn’t seen for seventeen years. His former girlfriend left town when their baby was only a few days old, took the baby with her, and totally vanished.

Buddy looks for the little boy and the runaway teen with the help of his long-time friend Gracie and a detective named Mayleah. Small details give clues that lead to other information, which ultimately leads to them being able to find the missing persons.

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