There was a time when people memorized things. The telephone numbers of family and friends were stored in our heads. We went to school, and the teacher made us memorize parts of famous speeches in history. At children’s church on Sunday the teacher gave us a Bible verse to memorize. And Wednesday night youth groups gave you points if you could remember the verse they taught you the week before.

As a shy child, I hated memorizing things. It was a relief when I passed the age of having to stand in front of a class and recite whatever had been assigned to us.

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Book Authors On YouTube

Great as my love for reading actual books is, I realize that many people don’t have the time to read entire books. In that case, a great option is to find authors that have a YouTube channel, and watch their videos.

I have read two of Edwin Black’s books, “IBM And The Holocaust” and “War Against The Weak: Eugenics And America’s Campaign To Create A Master Race”. Both books were excellent, but did require a lot of time to read and digest. They simply could not be rushed through.

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