Cracklin’ Oat Bran – Creeping Back Onto Shelves (March 23, 2022)

Our favorite cold cereal has been out of stock everywhere for months. I’ve gotten in the habit of just checking every time I’m at the grocery store, and this morning I hit the jackpot. My local Meijer grocery store had about 20 boxes of it on the shelf!

When I got home, I checked their website. It still showed Cracklin’ Oat Bran being “out of stock”. Perhaps Meijer is getting such a limited supply that they don’t want to advertise that they actually have some.

For those of you without a midwest Meijer near you, check at your local Walmart or Target store. Here are some screenshots from each store’s website:

I can’t guarantee that you’ll find this much-loved cereal on your store shelves today, but Cracklin’ Oat Bran is slowly rolling back in.

And They Just Walked Out…

Photo credit: Christian Aid Ministries

Often when we read the news, we are only given part of the story. Like the story of how the remaining Amish and Mennonite missionaries who were kidnapped by a Haitian gang got away from their captors.

On October 16, seventeen missionaries who had just checked on an orphanage that they were supporting (one story said they were building it) were kidnapped by a Haitian gang at a roadblock. The gang demanded a million dollars in ransom for each of them. Christian Aid Ministries did not have that kind of money, but the gang kept demanded it.

The missionaries were not the only ones being held; there were other groups of hostages at the same location. The missionaries kept up a constant prayer vigil, and sang songs about God delivering them, as an encouragement to themselves and to the other hostages.

To their credit, it did not appear that the gang mistreated them. The hostages were underfed, but it was enough to live on. In November, the gang released two from their group, and in December three more. So twelve of the missionary group remained, including the children.

On the 16th of December, the news outlets reported that the last twelve missionary hostages had been released. The news made it sound as if the gangs either developed some Christmas spirit, got tired of hearing them sing, or got paid at least part of the ransom money. People all over the world cheered with thankful hearts.

Now, the rest of the story – at least, part of the rest of the story…

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