The Lonely Library

It finally happened today – our local library reopened! For the first time in over four months, we could enter the building, feast our eyes on books, and actually pull them off the shelf ourselves to check out.

I envisioned a full parking lot and a line of people standing outside on “x” spots marked on the sidewalk, waiting for that precious 60 minutes that they would be allowed in the library. Not quite…

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How Risky Is It?

I read – with great joy – that my local public library now has re-opening dates! The first milestone will come next Monday, when they will open their outside book drops. I have three books and a music CD that I have been wanting to return for over three months, but was unable to do so. A week after that, we will be able to pick up our holds, albeit in curbside fashion. I have had a book on the hold shelf for three months now, and can’t even remember what it’s called.

In July, the ultimate will happen – we will be able to step foot in the library! It will reopen with restrictions. Probably no internet stations, story times, or sitting in cushy chairs to read for a while. Likely there will be a limit on how many people can be in the library at a time. But at this point, anything will be a gift. I realize that having a library open is considered somewhat risky because people will be handling some of the same books, CD cases and audiobook boxes. But I think we are having to accept that almost everything we do now has at least some risk to it. We just have to decide personally how much risk we are willing to take.

An online article did a great job of rating 36 common activities according to how risky they are, and why.

Here’s a summary of their take on risk:

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