Back to Aldi’s!

Aldi 9

I recently spent some time in another part of the country, and experienced stick shock when we went to buy groceries. We tried several different stores, with the same results. Buying and cooking our own food out there was definitely less expensive than eating out, but it was still way more than we paid at home.

Then we returned home, and I drove to the local Aldi grocery-store to refill our empty refrigerator. Ah, what joy to find that reasonable prices still existed! As I wheeled the cart around the store, I marveled at the bargains I and the other shoppers were getting.

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Pluto TV

Pluto TV

A lot of folks are still shelling out a ton of money to watch TV. Sometimes the cable company convinces them that they are saving money by bundling it in with internet and phone service. But are you really saving money? It’s a good idea to analyze your needs at least once a year, and see if you are getting the best deal.

If you have internet service at home, chances are you really don’t need cable tv service.  Netflix ($12.99 a month) and Hulu ($7.99 a month) carry so many tv shows and movies that you could watch all day every day, and never run out of things to watch.  But if you want to save even more money, you can go to websites like Krackle or Tubi TV to stream tv shows and movies at no cost. Not long ago, I heard about another free site: Pluto TV. 

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