Touches The Sky – by James Calvin Schaap (2003)

In the 1890’s, a wave of Dutch settlers migrated en masse to the Dakota Territory, and settled in an area that was home to the Sioux nation. The two ethnic groups were about as different as they could be, both in lifestyle and in religious beliefs. They lived near each other in an uneasy fashion, each suspicious of the other.

In this historic novel, the author creates the character of Jan Ellerbroek, who moves into the area and marries a white woman, Dalitha, who has lived among the Lakota Indians (a sub-culture of the Sioux nation) so long that she is more like them than the Dutch. She has been a devoted school-teacher to the Indian children for many years. Her husband Jan is not as comfortable with the native people as his wife is, though.

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The Last Bookshop In London – by Madeline Martin (2021)

The year is 1939, and Grace Bennett is finally able to leave the small community she grew up in, and move to the city of London with her friend Viv. They live with an old family friend, and look for jobs. Grace finds work at the Primrose Hill bookshop. She hasn’t been much of a reader up to that point, but as time goes by, she begins to catch the joy of books. Mr. Evans, the elderly shop owner, is grumpy at first, but soon he and Grace are re-organizing the shop and business begins to increase.

But things are about to change drastically. Grace is shocked when Hitler starts bombing the city of London.

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