Until We Reach Home – by Lynn Austin (2008)

Until We Reach Home

For my latest read, I chose historic fiction set in the 1890’s. It was the era of immigration, where people left every corner of the earth to seek their fortune in America, the promised land. The story centers on three Swedish sisters whose parents have both died. When the uncle that they are living with develops a pattern of molestation, the oldest sister writes to relatives in the United States, begging to be allowed to come to Chicago. Tickets are sent to the young women, and they set off for their new life.

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Winterflight – by Joseph Bayly (1981, 25th anniversary edition 2006)


This futuristic novel was written in 1981, with the author presenting the United States as a country that has become the healthiest on earth. Sickness is rare, the poverty level is down, people have good health care, and everyone seems to be middle class and happy. So how did they accomplish this? By enforcing strict life control.

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