Not a normal Thanksgiving…

Let’s face it – Thanksgiving 2020 is not going to be the holiday we are accustomed to. Many people are bemoaning the fact that they can’t get together and have their usual celebration with family and friends. But this is not the first time Americans have struggled at Thanksgiving time. Consider these photos:
These guys were stuck in Korea, about six thousand miles from home, and with no cell phones or Facebook to connect with their loved ones.

Norman Rockwell painting of a homeless woman on Thanksgiving Day, 1948

And this painting by Norman Rockwell summed up what Thanksgiving was like in many places in Europe, where cities had been been bombed, leaving many of its residents in rubble for years.

So wherever you are, be thankful for what you do have, instead of what you don’t have this year.

First Walk Of Spring


2019-03-12 First spring walk a

The sun is out, and temperatures are over 40° Fahrenheit. Hey, I can actually take a long walk outside!


2019-03-12 Ugly icy sidewalk

Where the sun doesn’t shine, sidewalks are still covered with ice, so I have to walk in the street.


2019-03-12 First spring walk c

Good grief, the sidewalk snowplow really goofed up here.


2019-03-12 First spring walk e

And they missed part of the road as well.


2019-03-12 First spring walk d

A orange flag atop this huge snow pile to remind us it’s here!


2019-03-12 Rainwater drain

The storm drains are carrying away the snow-water.


2019-03-12 Street extension

Part of the woods is gone! When did that happen, and how did I miss it?







Buildings Beautiful

2018-09-21 St Mark's sanctuary facing back
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, built in 1836

Artprize, the international art contest in our area, is in full swing. Although I enjoyed seeing the art entries, I enjoyed walking around in the hundred-year-old churches that are hosting some of the art entries just as much. Here are a few of my favorite sights:

2018-09-21 St Mark's church organ pipes
Organ pipes in St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

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Prisoner Art

2018-09-17 Prisoner art i

You never know where you’re going to bump into art! These pictures were displayed at my local public library. The drawings showed great talent as well as deep emotion.


2018-09-17 Prisoner art b


2018-09-17 Prisoner art j


2018-09-17 Prisoner art g


2018-09-17 Prisoner art h


2018-09-17 Prisoner art c


2018-09-17 Prisoner art e


2018-09-17 Prisoner art d


The picture below, entitled “A Father’s Love”, was my favorite.

2018-09-17 Prisoner art f


Thank you, Crossroads Prison Ministries, for caring about the men and women behind bars, giving them hope in Jesus, and sharing their artwork with us!

2018-09-17 Prisoner art a


Springtime Sights

Some sights I have seen in the last few days while outside walking…

2018-05-07 Palmer Park a

The leaves are just starting to pop out on the trees in our area, due to the delayed end of winter.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park d

Some weird umbrella-like plants. They were everywhere in the woods.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park c

Fungus growing out of a tree trunk.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park e

Trees chopped down to put a turnabout road in.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park b

A lot of trees have naturally fallen too, over the winter.

2018-05-09 church a

Lots of rain, making things gray and soggy.

2018-05-09 church e

Tulips by a stone bench.

2018-05-09 church c

A beautiful flowering tree.

2018-05-09 church d

A brief rainbow over a church parking lot.




Snow’s Last Stand (We Hope)

2018-02-13 winter frost a

This was the view from the inside of the car window this morning. Exquisite patterns of frost clusters were glued to every inch of the car!  I turned on the heat and the window defrosters, but was almost sad to do so. It felt rather like erasing someone’s art work. Indeed, it IS someone’s artwork – God’s.

2018-02-13 winter sunrise 4 sun pillar

We had a pillar sunrise this morning, with the glorious ball of light pointing heavenward at its creator. (Unfortunately, it was not well captured by my camera.) It lasted only a few minutes, then abruptly changed a horizontal streak of yellow light.

2018-02-13 winter sunrise 9 sideways pillar

I stood by the kitchen sliding door and looked out in amazement. It didn’t last long. Far too quickly, it went back to just white, white, white everywhere.

2018-02-13 snow on kitchen deck b

Tomorrow the snow is supposed to melt, which we are eager to see happen. It makes for lovely pictures, but miserable driving and an awful lot of shoveling. We’re hoping that this is the last big snowfall of winter.

2018-02-13 winter frost c


Then Out Came The Sun…

2018-01-19 animal tracks and snow waves f

It’s still winter, but we have sunshine and the snow has been melting!

2018-01-17 sun snow and swing a

Looking out the window, I can see the snow on the swing melting.

2018-01-19 animal tracks and snow waves b

The wavy snow in the yard has some sort of animal tracks going through it.

2018-01-19 animal tracks in snow c

In fact, it looks like a couple critters have been through.

2018-01-18 sunshine on ice-glazed rock

Time for a walk. The rock by the front door is covered with an icy glaze that is melting in the sunshine.

2018-01-19 duck pond and snow

The duck pond is still empty and silent.

2018-01-19 duck pond and reeds

The reeds along the edge of the pond are dead and brown.

2018-01-19 pine trees and sunshine

The pine trees stand tall and proud in the blaze of the brilliant sun.

2018-01-19 pine tree close-up

A lone pine cone, waiting for winter to end.

As long as the sun shines, I know that winter will end and spring will come again.

Truly Winter

2017-12-28 snowy swing trees b

It started on Christmas Day. The snow coated the swings where I worked on quilt flowers last summer.


2017-12-27 minus 1 degree a

I sat inside with my cup of coffee, and admired God’s handiwork.


2018-01-02 glittery snow on deck

Almost every day, a little more snow fell…


2018-01-03 snow fort d

There was enough for a snow tunnel!


2018-01-03 snow fort a

Deep piles of snow!


2017-12-31 looking at cul-de-sac

The sun was shining with all its might, but the temperature was minus 1. Windshield wipers were tipped up so that they wouldn’t freeze to the windshield.


2018-01-03 lumpy snow yard c

The yard was a lumpy white field with hills in it.


2018-01-03 snow on deck f

The snow outside the kitchen sliding door was over a foot high.


2018-01-02 lonely snowy mailbox

The mailbox huddled miserably in a mound of the white stuff.


2017-12-31 Huge snowpile at end of driveway

After clearing the snow at the end of the driveway, the snow mound was taller than the cars parked in the street.


2018-01-03 snow shovel against brick wall

We’ll keep the shovel handy until we get that January thaw.










Virgin Snow

2017-12-07 First snowfall q

It finally happened – our first snowfall!


2017-12-07 First snowfall j Uggs

Time to take a walk in the snow with my faithful Ugg boots.


2017-12-07 First snowfall n

We call this the hybrid tree – two trees inseparable and growing into one.
During the summer months it looks like a giant pineapple.


2017-12-07 First snowfall m

The lamp of Narnia that never turns off. Notice all the cute orange-tipped sticks that the city put in the ground a month ago.


2017-12-07 First snowfall k car

Oh no, where did we put the snow brush?


2017-12-07 First snowfall o

The orange sticks are meant to show the snowplows where the edge of the road is so that they don’t dig up up the grass along the sidewalk. Sadly, many of them are already knocked down or bent.

2017-12-07 First snowfall r

Time to put the feet up and watch the snow from inside with a glass of eggnog…








Around Town With Artprize

2017-09-25 Artprize Tragedy Memory And Honor

“Tragedy, Memory And Honor”
(the curved look is because I took a panoramic shot of it)


2017-09-25 Artprize Tragedy Memory And Honor close-up

A close-up of one of the panels of “Tragedy, Memory And Honor”. The artist was in New York City during the attack on the twin towers. He saved some of the ashes and debris, and used it in this mural.



2017-09-25 Artprize Early January On The Pearl Street Bridge

“Early January On The Pearl Street Bridge”
One of our local bridges over the Grand River.



2017-09-25 Artprize Proud Parent giraffes

“Proud Parent”
Can you feel the love?



2017-09-25 Artprize Music Box

The hand-crafted coffin that is actually a “Music Box”.
Both creepy and beautiful.



2017-09-25 Artprize Metal Life

“Metal Life”
For some reason, this little guy made me think of the extra-terrestrial in the movie “E.T.”



2017-09-25 Artprize Divided We Fall

“Divided We Fall”
Clever art using PVC pipe, paper towels and duct tape to depict Vladimir Putin.



2017-09-25 Artprize We Are All Homeless c
One entire hallway of the convention center was filled with signs that homeless people had made. Some were very basic; some were creative.
2017-09-23 Artprize We Are All Homeless e



2017-09-25 Artprize The Stages Of Grief
“Stages Of Grief”
The artist used her gift for painting to deal with the death of her mother.
Sunshine coming through the skylight gave the picture an interesting look.



2017-09-25 Artprize Otto's Good Stuff
“Otto’s Good Stuff”
Am I losing my mind, or was this display in last year’s Artprize?!