The Dragonsitter – by Josh Lacey (2015)

I’m always on the lookout for a story to read aloud to my grandson. This book is perfect for elementary-school kids. It’s the tale of a boy named Eddie who agrees to take care of his Uncle Morton’s dragon while he’s off on vacation. Taking care of Ziggy turns out to be way more difficult than anyone would think. Even with Eddie’s mom and little sister Emily helping, taking care of the dragon is just one disaster after another!

The book is written as a series of emails between Eddie and his Uncle Morton. Actually, most of the emails are from Eddie, who is frustrated at the lack of response to his questions. Uncle Morton is like an absent-minded professor who constantly gets side-tracked.

I loved the silliness of the story and the simplicity of the plot. Eddie just wants to do a good job taking care of Ziggy. It’s the perfect book to read aloud to your favorite kiddo at bedtime, over a period of two or three days. If your child really insists, you could read it all the way through in one long story-time.

This is the first book in The Dragonsitter series, so there are plenty more adventures with Eddie and Ziggy to be read!

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