Narrator Frank Muller

Frank Muller

Nothing brings a book to life like a quality narrator. My all-time favorite narrator is Frank Muller. His deep, expressive voice can make just about any book sound wonderful. Mr. Muller began in classical theater for the Riverside Shakespeare Society, and also had small parts in television shows.

In 1979, when Recorded Books was just starting, they hired Mr. Muller as their first narrator. The company began with books that were old classics with no copyrights. People loved the audiobooks, and Recorded Books took off. Soon people began clamoring for the current best-sellers in audio format. So Frank Muller and other narrators started recording books by authors like Stephen King, John Grisham, Elmore Leonard, and others.

My favorite books narrated by Mr. Muller are “The Testament” and “The Last Juror” by John Grisham, and the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye. I recently went to my local library’s website and downloaded the e-audiobook “Nicolae” from the Left Behind series. It was great to hear Mr. Muller reading the story again. I was surprised, however, when the library e-audiobook ended only part-way through the book. I looked at the description of book, and noticed that it said “abridged”. Generally, that means they omit unimportant parts of the book, making it shorter. But in this case, the story ended about half-way through! So if you look for an audiobook, either on physical CD discs or as a down-loadable, pick the unabridged version. That way, you have the complete story.

Sadly, there will be no new narrations by Frank Muller. In 2001, he was on a motorcycle trip when he struck a construction barrel and crashed into a highway barrier going 65 miles an hour (about 105 km an hour). The resulting brain damage, as well as a weakened heart after three heart attacks, left him hospitalized for six and a half years. He died in June of 2008. While Mr. Muller is no longer with us, his gift of narrated books continues to delight all who listen to them.

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