Is Common Core finally coming to its senses?

Math counting on fingers

Last week, while the grandson and I looked over his schoolwork, I noticed this handout. For years the kids have come home with Common Core math papers describing convoluted, complicated ways to do math problems.

Instead of doing math the straight-forward way I was taught, the children of today are taught to take the long way around to solve the problems so that they can develop critical thinking skills. To me, it seems that all it does is teach them to memorize someone’s harder way to solve the problem before them.

So I laughed when I saw this handout. Common Core had to write an entire page to tell children to count with their fingers?!!! (And this is from a 1st grade workbook, not a preschool workbook.)

Hate to tell ya, Common Core, but our kids and grand-kids started counting on their fingers when they were 2 or 3 years old. It came naturally to them, just as it has for children for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. This “count on your fingers” is not a new concept, but it works! Congratulations, Common Core, for finally having some common sense.

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