Dazzle Ships – by Chris Barton and Victo Ngai (2017)

Dazzle Ships

What do war and art have in common? Normally, nothing. But during World War 1 – or the Great War as it was originally called – art played an important part in the war.

Great Britain was at war with Germany, and struggling to keep enough food on their tables. The reason? The supply ships that brought food and pretty much everything the British needed were being sunk by torpedos on German submarines. So the Brits came up with a clever solution – get artists to design art for their ships that would confuse the enemy.

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The Button War – by Avi (2018)

The Button War

Seven young boys live in a Polish village that is occupied by soldiers during World War One. All they have ever known is their tiny corner of the world. They amuse themselves by roving about in a pack and exploring the nearby forest. Jurek is their ringleader, and he dares the others to find the best button off the coats of dead soldiers. The winner of the contest will be king, and the others will have to bow down to him.

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