Not a normal Thanksgiving…

Let’s face it – Thanksgiving 2020 is not going to be the holiday we are accustomed to. Many people are bemoaning the fact that they can’t get together and have their usual celebration with family and friends. But this is not the first time Americans have struggled at Thanksgiving time. Consider these photos:
These guys were stuck in Korea, about six thousand miles from home, and with no cell phones or Facebook to connect with their loved ones.

Norman Rockwell painting of a homeless woman on Thanksgiving Day, 1948

And this painting by Norman Rockwell summed up what Thanksgiving was like in many places in Europe, where cities had been been bombed, leaving many of its residents in rubble for years.

So wherever you are, be thankful for what you do have, instead of what you don’t have this year.

A Thankful Heart – 7

autumn sunshine

Today I was so thankful to see sunshine!

This time of year, it’s mostly gray skies and soggy leaves. But when the sun burst through today, it made even late autumn beautiful. It lifted my spirits and got me to throw on a winter coat and boots, and take a walk outside. It was the perfect day-before-Thanksgiving gift!

May the peace and joy of Jesus be with you this Thanksgiving, whether the sun is shining outside or not.