Body Battles – by Rita Golden Gelman (1992)

Body Battles a

This is a great little science book for elementary-age kids. It explains some of the inner workings of our bodies. Stuff like viruses and bacteria, earwax, mucous, stomach acid, and the immune system. The book is written with humor and colorful illustrations, so kids won’t find it boring.

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When The Soldiers Were Gone – by Vera W. Propp (1999)

When The Soldiers Were Gone

For most people, the end of World War II in 1945 was a tremendous relief. They no longer needed to fear arrest, abide by curfews, put black shades over their windows at night, or worry about their town being bombed. They could return to a normal life, or at least something closer to normal.

But in many ways, the war continued on. Relatives, friends, and neighbors were missing. There was a serious housing shortage, since so many homes had been burned or bombed. Unemployment was high.  Many had what we would call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nightmares plagued adults and children alike.

At the beginning of this book, World War II has just ended, and 8-year-old Henk is beginning to feel safe. He no longer has to hide, and he is surrounded by a loving family. Imagine his shock and horror when a couple knocks on their farmhouse door one day, says they are his parents, and they want him back.

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