First Walk Of Spring


2019-03-12 First spring walk a

The sun is out, and temperatures are over 40° Fahrenheit. Hey, I can actually take a long walk outside!


2019-03-12 Ugly icy sidewalk

Where the sun doesn’t shine, sidewalks are still covered with ice, so I have to walk in the street.


2019-03-12 First spring walk c

Good grief, the sidewalk snowplow really goofed up here.


2019-03-12 First spring walk e

And they missed part of the road as well.


2019-03-12 First spring walk d

A orange flag atop this huge snow pile to remind us it’s here!


2019-03-12 Rainwater drain

The storm drains are carrying away the snow-water.


2019-03-12 Street extension

Part of the woods is gone! When did that happen, and how did I miss it?








Springtime Sights

Some sights I have seen in the last few days while outside walking…

2018-05-07 Palmer Park a

The leaves are just starting to pop out on the trees in our area, due to the delayed end of winter.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park d

Some weird umbrella-like plants. They were everywhere in the woods.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park c

Fungus growing out of a tree trunk.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park e

Trees chopped down to put a turnabout road in.

2018-05-07 Palmer Park b

A lot of trees have naturally fallen too, over the winter.

2018-05-09 church a

Lots of rain, making things gray and soggy.

2018-05-09 church e

Tulips by a stone bench.

2018-05-09 church c

A beautiful flowering tree.

2018-05-09 church d

A brief rainbow over a church parking lot.




Return Of The Color Green

2017-04-16 green banks of Buck Creek

This Easter afternoon, I took a long walk with my youngest son and enjoyed the return of the color green to our local park.

2017-04-16 Palmer Park green plants
Not sure what these green plants were, but they were popping up everywhere in the woods.

2017-04-16 Palmer Park trees moss rainbowIn other areas, velvety moss covered the ground.

2017-04-16 Palmer Park fallen trees and rainbowMoss outlined the edge of the road as if it were mascara.

2017-04-16 Palmer Park frog pondThis shallow pond was full of frogs singing their hearts out.

2017-04-16 small winding creekA winding creek with more of those green plants that look like some sort of leaf lettuce.

2017-04-16 Palmer Park trees in water