Sycamore Row – by John Grisham (2013)

Sycamore Row

Anyone reading “Sycamore Row” will be struck by its connection to earlier novels. Attorney Jake Brigance and Sheriff Ozzie Walls are brought back from the very first Grisham novel – “A Time To Kill”. Judge Atlee is brought in from “The Summons”. Lawyers Harry Rex Vonner and Lucien Wilbanks from “The Last Juror” assist Jake in preparing his case. And the former owner of the Ford County Times, Willie Traynor, has a small part in the story.

Clanton is a town that struggled with racial issues in “A Time To Kill”, and years later, it is still an issue. The story centers around the suicide of Seth Hubbard, who had advanced lung cancer. The day before he hung himself, Seth invalidated his traditional will with a new, handwritten will leaving almost his entire fortune to his black housekeeper, Lettie. Needless to say, this did not sit well with Seth’s children and grandchildren, who took the matter to court. Much of the book is preparation for the trial, but the story easily kept my attention from beginning to end.