If I Run – by Terri Blackstock (2016)

Both the hunter and the hunted in this novel have post-traumatic stress disorder. Dylan has returned from military service in the middle-east with vivid memories of friends being blown up by IEDs. Casey has been traumatized by finding her father hanging from a rope in an apparent suicide when she was 12. She has never believed it was a suicide, but has no proof to suggest otherwise.

Then Casey is further traumatized when she finds her friend Brent in a pool of blood after being repeatedly stabbed. Fearing she will be accused of murder, Casey runs, leading the police to indeed think she committed the murder. Dylan is hired by Brent’s grief-stricken family to assist the police department in finding Casey and bringing her to justice. How long can Casey elude Dylan and the police?

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So Much To Tell You – by John Marsden (1987)

So Much To Tell You

When we think of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we normally think of people who have survived war conditions. But as is illustrated in this novel by Australian author John Marsden, PTSD can happen to civilians as well.  

The idea for the story came from a famous case in Australia of a young woman, Kay Nesbit, being shot in the face by the irate ex-boyfriend of her roommate. She ended up having 57 surgeries to restore her face to a somewhat normal condition..

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