Dragnet Nation – by Julia Angwin (2014)

Dragnet Nation

The complete title for this book is “Dragnet Nation: A Quest For Privacy, Security, and Freedom In A World Of Relentless Surveillance”. That is the perfect summary of the book. Julia was your average person, surfing the web, using google’s email service, catching up with friends on Facebook and enjoying her smart phone. But as time went by, she became more concerned about how much private data was being collected about her.

It’s the story that could be written about almost anyone living in a country with modern conveniences. We all started out falling in love with technology. Remember the first family computer you bought? Everyone was suddenly e-mailing and instant-messaging their friends and relatives. Cell phones became affordable to the average person, and then everyone was calling and texting. YouTube became the place to watch those crazy videos, and to post some of your own. People shopped online, and their information and credit cards were stored on dozens of websites. Online banking became popular. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social websites became places where we posted every detail of our daily lives. Ah, we were so in love with technology…

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