Special Circumstances – by Sheldon Siegel (2000)

Mike Daley has been a lot of things – a husband, a public defender, a priest briefly, and a lawyer with Simpson & Gates of San Francisco. Now he is divorced, although he remains on amiable terms with his wife Rosie, who is also an attorney. His legal work is sub-par, according to his boss, and the company has given him an ultimatum – either tender a resignation or be fired. So Mike gives his notice, stating that he has decided to set up his own private practice.

On the last day of his employment at Simpson & Gates, a senior partner as well as a younger female attorney die by gunshot at 1:30 in the morning. It appears that the senior partner had an argument with the woman, pulled out a gun and shot her, then turned the gun on himself. Everyone at the firm is shocked. The police question everyone who was in the building that evening. To Mike’s surprise, the police conclude that instead of the senior partner being the culprit, someone else came into the office and murdered both of the attorneys. Even more surprising, Mike’s friend Joel, another attorney at Simpson & Gates, is accused of the crime.

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If I Run – by Terri Blackstock (2016)

Both the hunter and the hunted in this novel have post-traumatic stress disorder. Dylan has returned from military service in the middle-east with vivid memories of friends being blown up by IEDs. Casey has been traumatized by finding her father hanging from a rope in an apparent suicide when she was 12. She has never believed it was a suicide, but has no proof to suggest otherwise.

Then Casey is further traumatized when she finds her friend Brent in a pool of blood after being repeatedly stabbed. Fearing she will be accused of murder, Casey runs, leading the police to indeed think she committed the murder. Dylan is hired by Brent’s grief-stricken family to assist the police department in finding Casey and bringing her to justice. How long can Casey elude Dylan and the police?

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