Black Ice – by Linda Hall (2007)

Black Ice

Lenore Featherjohn runs a bed and breakfast place in the small town of Fog Point. In the middle of a snowy, icy winter, she discovers a teenage girl dead by her back door. She is afraid the police will blame one of her grown sons, so she moves the body. Lenore isn’t the only one in town trying to cover up something. An elderly man with Alzheimer’s has helped keep a secret for years. A minister’s wife pretends to have faith, while secretly doubting the existence of God. An adopted girl is quietly searching for her birth mother. Two news reporters are lying about who they are. There is deception from one end of town to the other end!

I loved the variety of characters the author created for this mystery. At first they all seem unrelated, but as the story progresses, you can see how everyone’s coverups are woven together like a spider web. Everyone is wearing a mask, projecting the illusion that they have their life together. Little by little, the truth is revealed, and more than one mystery solved. This is a fine novel that moves along at a good pace, and keeps the reader’s attention from the first page to the last.