Hornet Flight – by Ken Follett (2002)

hornet flight

The country of Denmark is quite small – only 43,094 square kilometers (16,638 square miles) – and that counts the main peninsula, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Norway and Sweden lie to the north, and Germany to the south. During World War II, the tiny country of Denmark was easily overrun by the Nazi army. Its citizen were limited in size and number, but great in spirit and courage. It is this setting that the author chose for his book.

Although “The Hornet Flight” is a work of fiction, it is based on actual events during World War II. The Germans did indeed have advanced radar devices along the North Sea that could detect the Allied airplanes, which resulted in a horrendous amount of them being shot down.

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Code To Zero – by Ken Follett (2000)

Code To Zero

The rich historic setting of this novel carries the reader back in time. Back to the days of the Cold War, fears of nuclear annililation, the search for communists infiltrators, and space exploration.  The Soviet Union and the United States are both determined to be the first to put a man in space, and to reach the moon. Each side is willing to do almost anything to win the race.

It is 1958, and the U.S. is about to launch its first rocket into space. Luke, a rocket scientist, awakes to find himself on the floor of a public bathroom in Washington D.C. with no idea who he is or why he is there. As he blunders about the city, it becomes apparent that someone is following him – someone who doesn’t want him to remember who he is, or what he was doing the day before he lost his memory.

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