Runaway Jury – by John Grisham (1996)

The Runaway Jury

How many ways can an individual on a jury manipulate his fellow jurors? Let us count the ways! Nicholas Easter has worked for years to get on this jury and has creative ways to get results. You will laugh and be amazed at the antics young Nicholas uses to get the verdict he’s been dreaming of.

But he’s not the only trying to get his way. A jury analyst named Fitch has been working behind the scenes with the lawyers for the defense, spending millions to get the verdict he wants.

Between Nicholas and Fitch stand the rest of the jurors. The author has created many interesting characters among them, with great discussions amongst themselves and in the jury room. Of all John Grisham’s novels, this is one of my favorites.

The audio version of this book is also great. Michael Beck is the narrator, and does a fine job. The novel was made into a movie, but so much of the story was changed that I cannot recommend it. Stick to the book or audiobook.