The Forgotten Room – by Lincoln Child (2015)

The Forgotten Room

This book reads like a cross between a novel by Michael Crichton and the tv series “X-Files”. It mixes together unexplained phenomena and traditional science. Enigmologist Jeremy Logan is called out to a scientific research facility (Lux) which is located in a century-old mansion. One of the senior scientists has just committed suicide in a particularly gruesome manner. It was an act quite contrary to his nature. Jeremy is tasked with investigating the suicide as well as the strange behavior by some of the other scientists there.

As Jeremy examines the area of the building where the suicide occurred, he discovers a hidden room. He becomes obsessed with the mysterious room and its connection to the case. The book was part mystery, part creepiness, part history, part suspense. But in the end all the questions are answered, and even a person not terribly knowledgable about science can understand what happened.

Initially I did not realize that “The Forgotten Room” was book four in a series. But I read it anyway, and didn’t have any trouble understanding the plot. It can be read as a stand-alone novel. This is another good read by Lincoln Child.