Prayers In The Twilight Zone


It happened last night, at the end of Christmas Day. We had chosen to bypass the Christmas tree/pile of gifts/cute ornaments rat-race this year and only celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus. So it had been a quiet, thoughtful day, worshiping at church and bringing money and personal care products for people in our city and in the Dominican Republic. After a hot dinner at home, we just napped and read and watched a little tv.

I went to bed about 10:30, but every time I started drifting off, something would refuse to let me sleep. So in that twilight state half-way between consciousness and dreams, I started to pray for whatever came to mind. Most of the things that came to me were things that our son B was struggling with, too many burdens for any one person to carry alone. Then I had the overwhelming sense that I needed to get up for a glass of water. It was 12:24 am. There was my phone on the kitchen table, with the volume still muted so that it wouldn’t ring during church. As I turned the ringer volume up, I noticed that B had called me three times just 20 minutes ago.

Alarmed, I called him back. B answered immediately and said he’d been having pain in his heart and left shoulder area that wouldn’t go away, and had called for an ambulance. The paramedics were at his place already, and were about to take him to the ER. So I went overĀ  to the hospital. There lay our son, with the huge incision scars from his February car accident surgeries still visible. After running tests and monitoring him, the doctor concluded that he had not had a heart attack. He said to let his cardiologist know what happened, and to take it easy until he can have his surgery.

So what really happened? I’m no doctor, but this is what I think happened: Ben was trying to get too many things done late in the day, and started having a heart attack. God heard the twilight prayers, reached down, and halted a full-blown heart attack. I believe He touched B’s heart, just like he did back in February. I am so thankful for miracles that happen on Christmas Day – and every day of the year.