Potpourri Stew

2017-07-08 letting the stew stew for a while

The thing I love most about stew is that you don’t have to follow a recipe. Recipes often ask you to buy ingredients that you don’t normally use. You use a tiny bit, then the rest of it sits in your cupboard for years unused. At least this is how it tends to go for me.

The potpourri way is so much better.

1: Start heating up broth on the stove. It can be the dehydrated kind or the kind in a carton. Swanson makes some that is almost entirely salt-free, but still tastes good.

2017-07-08 Stew broth

2. Chop up some meat and throw it into the broth to simmer for a couple hours if it’s raw. If it’s last night’s leftover meat, just put it in at the same time as the veggies. Chicken, pork, and chuck-eye roast meat all work well. (Tip: don’t buy it already cut up, it’ll cost you way more.) Any kind of meat, any amount, depending on your taste – or none at all if you’re vegetarian.

3. Chop up any veggies you find languishing in your refrigerator and throw them in the stew pot. You can use any kind of vegetable. Today I used cabbage, carrots, spinach leaves, and a tomato.

2017-07-08 stew veggies

4. About an hour before supper, I usually throw in one more thing – a cup of barley, a little rice, or a can of Bush’s baked beans – to give it that finished taste.

That’s all there is to it. It’s simple and frugal, and helps clear out your refrigerator.