What Difference Does Prayer Make? – by Paul E. Miller (2013)

What Difference Does Prayer Make

Praying – it’s something each believer does. But for a lot of us, it can be a frustrating experience. In the quietness, our minds wander off-course. We suddenly become self-conscious about how un-elegant we sound to the Almighty and those around us. If we’re praying about something that we’ve prayed for many times, we wonder if the prayer borders on nagging. After all, God knows everything, so why would we keep repeating the same requests over and over? After a while, cynicism begins to creep in. Does prayer really make a difference?

What I loved most about this tiny book (a mere 55 pages) is that the author encourages the reader to come to God as a child would – messy, unpolished, laying before God whatever is on the heart. As we stop worrying about how we sound, or if our prayers measure up to others’ prayers, we will experience the difference an authentic prayer makes.

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