True Light/Dawn’s Light – by Terri Blackstock (2007, 2008)

True Light   Dawn's Light


It’s been almost three-quarters of a year since the planet has been plunged back into darkness by a natural electromagnetic pulsar. There are none of the conveniences we take for granted, such as electrical lighting or indoor plumbing. Hope is on the horizon, though. The pulsars have finally ended, and the government is working on getting power grids working, and re-opening the bank system.

In “True Light”, it is the coldest part of the year, and people are struggling to find enough food to feed their families. Someone is willing to kill to get what he needs. It’s an incredibly difficult time for law enforcement. Without paychecks, most of the police force walks off the job. Much of the story focuses on Mark, a newly deputized officer trying to solve a case of murder in the woods, and keeping order in the town jail. Deni Branning is working for the local newspaper, which is up and running again. Doug and Kay, Deni’s parents, are becoming spiritual leaders in their neighborhood.

The last book in the Restoration series is “Dawn’s Light”. Deni has to decide whether she wants to pledge her love to Mark, or to Craig, her ex-fiance who unexpectedly shows up in town as a government worker restoring electrical service. Beth Branning, Deni’s younger sister, is an eyewitness to a terrible crime, but can’t tell anyone because she is afraid of retaliation against her family. Just when it seems that life is starting to get better for everyone, a medical emergency hits the Branning family. They go through the agony of every family that has had a child in a life-threatening situation. The ending of the series does not answer every question, but it reminds us that God walks with us through the difficult times of life on this earth.


Note: If you haven’t read the first two “Restoration” novels, you will want to read them first.

#1 Last Light


#2 Night Light




Holy Bible

Holy Bible

The Bible is a book like no other. It took more than 1,500 years to write. It was recorded by more than 40 writers under the inspiration of God. The people who wrote the different parts or books of the Bible ranged from highly intelligent and educated, like King Solomon, to poor, simple peasants like Peter and John. As for content, the Bible covers the creation of the world, the history of the Jews, Mosaic laws, poetry, prophecy about the Messiah, accounts of Jesus’ life here on earth, the history of the beginning of the Christian church, letters of encouragement to struggling Christians, and apocalyptic revelations.

The Bible is God’s way of speaking to us. It’s not a book you just zip through in a week or two, then put on the shelf. It’s meant to be read and digested in small portions, and pondered over a lifetime. It is both simple and complex. The main message of the Bible is simple: God created you, then sent his Son Jesus to earth to pay for your sins, and if you accept his forgiveness and give your life to Him, you will spend eternity in heaven with Him. There are also parts of the Bible that are difficult to understand. Some you will come to understand as you study them. Other parts may continue to mystify until you get to heaven.

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