About That Grocery-Shopping…


Over the past few years, I’ve contemplated household finances and our budget quite a bit. As we’ve tracked our spending, one truth comes up over and over: our grocery-store visits are one of our biggest expenses.

Even with a very simple life-style, and staying out of most stores, it’s too easy to put extra items that look good into my shopping cart. Then the bill at the cash register comes out higher than expected, but I figure, hey it’s food – we’ll use it up and spend less next week. But a couple days later, I notice a few items that just didn’t make it onto my simple grocery list, and I end up running to the store again. Not good!

Last year I came up with what I thought was a pretty good basic shopping list. But it was not complete enough, so I was still missing things and making extra trips to the store. Today I sat down and made a much more thorough list that was still able to fit on one sheet of paper. Hopefully this will help me nail down everything I need for the week, so I get everything in one shot and nothing I don’t need!

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Is AT&T Really A Good Deal?

It seems that everywhere I drive in our area lately, there are service trucks and huge spools of bright orange fiber-optic cable being installed in the ground. Our local cable company has had the really fast cable for years, and AT&T has lagged behind in speed as well as price. But now they are installing new cable, making a huge push to speed up their internet and re-gain customers that they have lost over the years.

At least twice a week we get mail from AT&T, telling us how our family will save money if we switch back to them. The most recent was an offer of $94.99 a month for TV, home phone, and internet service. The same deal is offered online:

ATT deals

When you click on the details, the fine print lists a 24-month commitment, and says you must enroll in autopay and paperless billing to get this deal. After the first 12 months, the monthly cost jumps from $94.99 to $137.99 per month. But the initial page just said 12-months. Is it a 12-month commitment or a 24-month commitment? Not sure.

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