As Fall Goes By…


Fall is my favorite time of the year. The heat of the summer eases. School starts back up, and kids fall into a comfortable routine. You can take long walks without perspiring. Artprize, the worldwide competition in our area, runs for three weeks, giving us fresh paintings, drawings, carvings, sculptures, and other creative works to feast our eyes on.  We get inspired to work on home projects inside and outside.

I love the smell of fall – a mix of earth, grass and leaf juice. I love the sound of it, with drying leaves brushing against each other, making a kind of music. I love the feel of wind and sunshine on my face, and the crunch of leaves under my shoes. But mostly, I love the sights of fall.

This tree was absolute orange…


Next to it was a tree that was clothed in purple.


Some trees were half and half – green and yellow.


Even though these leaves are mostly brown, there is still beauty in them.


If you’ve been indoors for the past couple months, step outside. Smell and feel and touch and gaze on fall while you can. Any day now it will be gone, and we’ll have to wait another year to experience the joy of autumn again.