The Walk – by Richard Paul Evans (2010)

The Walk

Alan Christoffersen is one those of people that everyone envies. He makes good money, has a successful business, is well-respected in society, and has an adorable wife (McKale). Nothing bad ever seems to touch his life – until the day that McKale falls off a horse that she is riding, and is paralyzed. From that point on, things start to fall apart. He turns his business over to his partner, who yanks the company out from under him. McKale develops a terrible infection and dies. As Alan grieves, his house is foreclosed on, and his cars repossessed. What is a man to do in that situation? Alan decides to have his assistant sell off his assets,  leave everything behind, and set off on a cross-country walk.

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Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven – by Fannie Flagg (2006)

Can't Wait To Get To Heaven

Elner just wanted to make some fig preserves for a neighbor. So she got out the ladder, as she had hundreds of times, and started picking figs from the tree in her yard. So what if she was in her 80’s, and her hyper-anxious daughter Norma had forbidden the climbing of ladders? Elner would just grab the figs, put the ladder away, and no one would be the wiser. But unbeknownst to Elner, she had leaned the ladder against a wasps’ nest, and the enraged critters poured out of their home to protect what was theirs.

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