Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me – by Eric Carle (1986)

One of the most precious times between a parent and child is at bedtime. Work and school are finished for the day. The sun has gone down, and in its place is the moon is glowing in the sky. Little children get into pajamas and climb into bed, begging mommy or daddy to please read them a story. Although the parent is exhausted from a tough day, he or she huddles with the young one, and opens a favorite book.

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Joanna Cole and her Magic School Bus

The world lost a wonderful children’s author on Sunday – Joanna Cole. For over thirty years, kids and adults alike have loved her books about the crazy teacher Ms. Frizzle and her students. In each book, Ms. Frizzle packs the kids into a magic school bus, and off they go on a science adventure. They might shrink down to a microscopic size and go inside a drop of water, explore the ocean floor, visit the moon, or check out a volcano.

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