An Ugly Mess

For the past week or so, I have walked past the evidence of someone’s car wreck on a busy street near us. The grass is starting to grow and hide the trail left by the car as it left the road, jumped the curb, narrowly missed an AT&T box and fence, and hit a tree stump before finally stopping.

There are still bits of debris from the car body that dot the grass.

Larger pieces from the car are visible by the tree stump where the car ended its journey.

Kitty litter is mixed with plastic car parts on the sidewalk. Was the driver coming home from the store with pet supplies for his or her cat?

I noticed something new today – a house key amidst the litter.

All of these pieces put together tell the story of someone who undoubtably had a terrible, terrible day. Just looking at the mess along the road makes me realize that it only takes one little thing – a swerve, a jerk of the arm while driving, to make you end up in a place you never expected to be.

Lucky Broken Girl – by Ruth Behar (2017)

Lucky Broken Girl

Most of us don’t give our ability to stand upright and walk a second thought. We do it without thinking. We just assume that we’ll be able to navigate around the house, through the local park, and wherever we need to go at work or school.

But imagine that you’ve been in a car accident so severe that one of your legs is horribly broken. You’ve been placed in a body cast that extends from your mid-torso to the bottom of both feet. The orthopedic surgeon explains that although only one of your legs is broken, both legs need to be immobilized to keep one from becoming longer than the other. Now imagine being stuck in this situation for nearly a year.

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