The Well – by Mildred D Taylor (1995)

The Well

If you have read any of this author’s books, you are familiar with the Logans, an African-American family living in Mississippi in the early 1900s. This book is a prequel to Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, the author’s most well-known novel. All her stories, though fictional, are based on events that actually happened to her father’s family.

In “The Well”, it is 1910 and a severe drought has hit part of Mississippi. As wells dry up, everyone becomes desperate for water. Eventually, the Logans have the only well that still has an adequate supply of water. Neighbors – both black and white – come by with barrels, and the Logans share with all.

Unfortunately, young Charlie Simms is determined to harass and belittle any black person who doesn’t submit meekly to him. Ten-year-old David Logan tries to appease Charlie, but his older brother Hammer gets in a fight with Charlie. The situation quickly escalates to the point where someone could be lynched.

For anyone born after the days when it was not uncommon to hear of lynchings of black people, this book is a bird’s-eye view of the degradation and abuse of African-American citizens. Appropriate for ages ten and up.