Job and the new year

800px-Job_and_his_friendsphoto credit: “Job And His Friends” by Ilya Repin, 1869

This morning I read from the book of Job in the Bible. Job was a guy who lived roughly 1,500 years before Jesus was born, a man who was greatly respected. There is a 42-chapter book devoted to Job in the Bible, and the account of his life is also written in the Quran.

Job was a man who had everything going for him. Some of his assets were: two thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred pairs of oxen, and five hundred donkeys. A huge staff of servants was needed to take care of all of them. He and his wife had many sons and daughters. The family was well-respected, and life was extremely good for them.

But then everything started unraveling. Foreign raiders swooped in and kidnapped part of his household. A firestorm came and burned many of his animals. Another raiding party stole his camels. Many of his servants were killed. Then a violent wind struck the house where his kids were having a party, and all of them died when it collapsed. Then Job broke out in some sort of boils or skin disease that left him itchy and miserable. His friends came over and initially seemed sympathetic, but then asked Job what he did wrong to bring these disasters upon himself.

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