Back to Aldi’s!

Aldi 9

I recently spent some time in another part of the country, and experienced stick shock when we went to buy groceries. We tried several different stores, with the same results. Buying and cooking our own food out there was definitely less expensive than eating out, but it was still way more than we paid at home.

Then we returned home, and I drove to the local Aldi grocery-store to refill our empty refrigerator. Ah, what joy to find that reasonable prices still existed! As I wheeled the cart around the store, I marveled at the bargains I and the other shoppers were getting.

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Seasonal Cereal


During a recent visit to my favorite Aldi store, I noticed this addition to the cereal section: “Creamy Wheat”. I did a double take, as I had never seen a store-brand version of Cream Of Wheat before. The look-alike cereal was about half the cost of the name-brand version, $1.99 instead of $3.79. Considering the difference in price, it was too good to pass up.

Creamy Wheat went home with me, and we put it to the test. It didn’t taste any different than the Cream Of Wheat that was already in my cupboard. Kudos to Aldi stores for making a great hot cereal for such a reasonable price! Hopefully shoppers will buy enough of this cereal to persuade Aldi to keep it in stock all year long.