The Bible And Advertising


This morning I made myself a cup of coffee and popped onto to read a little. First it gave me the verse of the day, which had an ad for a Porsche at the bottom, which wasn’t too bothersome:


Then I clicked on the icon to read the whole chapter (small lines off to the right under the speaker sound symbol). As soon as I did that, I was treated to ads all around – clothing “tailored for life’s adventures”, the Samsung Galaxy cell phone, commentaries and Bible study books. As I got to the end of the Bible chapter, there were books for sale and an offer for a quick cash loan (which I am happy to say I don’t need).


Wow, I thought, I don’t remember this website having so many ads. Then I realized that after restoring my computer, I hadn’t turned on the Firefox ad-blocker. After doing that, the ads vanished (except for the Bible study aids, but that relates to reading the Bible). So if you’re reading the Bible online, check to see if you can block those ads. You’ll be a lot less distracted while you read.