The Faygo Book – by Joe Grimm (2018)


It all started in 1907 with two brothers,┬áBen and Perry Feigenson, Russian immigrants who had settled in Detroit, Michigan. Although they began as bakers, they decided to try their hand at making flavored soda. Using cake frosting recipes for ideas, they created their first three flavors – strawberry, fruit punch, and grape – and sold them to local drugstores and saloons. Customers loved the soda, which the brothers preferred to call “pop”.

A myriad of other flavors were created over the years. Many were discontinued, but there was always plenty of choice when it came to Faygo pop. Some of their unique flavors were: blueberry cream, golden ginger ale, honeydew mist, lime rickey, sassafras, and chocolate treat. This book is full of trivia about the business, which remains in Detroit to the present day. The Feigenson brothers showed no racial bias in their hiring. Here’s an excerpt from page 67:

In the neighborhood, Faygo was known for treating people fairly. Bill Camp, a black employee hired in March 1937 after being laid off from a foundry job because of a strike at Chrysler, recalled hearing about an early union-organizing campaign. Camp told the in-house Faygogazette in the summer of 1983, “a union was trying to organize Faygo. Mr. Perry Feigenson was agreeable. But then he found out that the union contract would require Faygo to get rid of black workers.” Camp said Perry told the union, “Go to hell! Faygo hires from the neighborhood around us. And that’s how we’re going to continue to hire whenever we can.”

What I enjoyed the most about this book were all the colorful pictures. They covered the span of a century, and made me feel quite nostalgic. While I rarely drink soda, it made me want to run to the grocery story and buy a Faygo pop!


Things To Do During A 3-Day Winter Storm

2019-01-29 snowy yard and driveway

Day three of our winter storm. We are stuck at a temperature of -3 degrees with a wind chill of -22. No school, no work, no postal service. Our street has only been plowed by the city once. I suppose they are focused on keeping the main roads passable.

I really don’t mind being cooped up at home. Lots of things to do!
– Clear snow from the driveway
– Delete old e-mail messages
– Catch up on laundry
– Mop the kitchen floor (egads, it needed a mopping!)
– Listen to a podcast
– Write up a blog entry
– Work on family history project
– Watch some “Battlestar Galactica”
– Make beef stew
– Have Cream Of Wheat for breakfast
– Bundle up and go outside to take some pictures
– Shovel more snow
– Come inside and warm up with some good coffee!

I don’t wish for bad weather that keeps most people at home, but I’ve really enjoyed the serenity and peacefulness of life inside the house.