The Naked Society – by Vance Packard (1964) – part 3

After writing about specific instances of surveillance and privacy violations, the author followed up with a large segment on the rights of free citizens. Among these rights, he listed: freedom from police mistreatment, bureaucratic harassment, and mind manipulation, the right to a private life, and the right to have opinions that are considered unfashionable.

The final chapter of the book dealt with how to protect ourselves and our privacy. It acknowledged that the average citizen is powerless in many instances. The author suggested:

1 – turning up the radio at home while discussing sensitive conversations that could be recorded by a bugging device; 2 – conversing in a room where people would not expect you to discuss private conversations; 3 – making sure your banker and apartment supervisor know that you absolutely do NOT want them divulging any information about yourself; and 4 – refusing to chat with any investigator that comes around trying to dig up dirt on your neighbors or friends.

I will finish this book review with a paragraph from chapter 18, at the end of the book:

And if we want to uphold our right to privacy, let us stop fearing to stand alone. We must stop worrying about whether our necks are out, or whether someone will consider us out of line. Let us be ourselves and speak our minds and act on both our convictions and our indignations.

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