Pezzo The Peddler And The Circus Elephant/Circus Caps For Sale – by Esphyr Slobodkina (1967, 2002)

One classic children’s book that I have always loved is the 1940 book “Caps For Sale” by Esphyr Slobodkina. Many people, myself included, did not know that the author had written a sequel in 1967. She titled it: “Pezzo The Peddler And The Circus Elephant”. In 2002, the year the author died, the book was re-published and the title changed to “Circus Caps For Sale”.

In this book, the story begins with the peddler waking up and getting ready for work. The caps are again piled neatly on his head, but he can’t seem to interest anyone in buying a cap. Why? The circus is in town, marching down the Main Street. Pezzo joins the procession, and his caps become part of the circus show.

This book focuses more on the circus than on the original character of Pezzo the peddler. The story is enjoyable, but it’s just not as endearing as the first book. I guess that’s the reason that most kids still know “Caps For Sale” but have never heard of “Circus Caps For Sale”.

In addition to these two books written by Esphyr Slobadokina, there are two more books in the series. However, they are not written by Esphyr Slobadkina, but by Ann Marie Sayer. These books are entitled “More Caps For Sale: Another Tale Of Mischievous Monkeys” (2015), and “Caps For Sale And The Mindful Monkees” (2017).

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