This Dark Road To Mercy – by Wiley Cash (2014)

Some bad decisions are reversible, others are not. Wade is a man who formerly had a good life – a promising career as a baseball player, a wife, and two beautiful daughters, Easter and Ruby. When his marriage and his baseball career ended, he was left with a construction job. He had little contact with his girls, and when their mother died, Wade signed away his parental rights.

Easter and Ruby barely know their father, and are living in a foster home. The woman running the home tries to provide a stable environment for the children under her care, but it’s not like having a real family.

Then one night Wade shows up at his daughters’ bedroom window, and persuades them to go away with him. As he no longer has parental rights, this instantly classifies him as a kidnapper. The girls’ legal guardian, local police and the FBI are all on the hunt for Wade and the girls. So is a mobster, who wants some stolen money back.

The story-line is really nothing new. But what I did enjoy was seeing Easter and Ruby go from hating their father – who they barely knew – to forming a bond with him. Although Wade did a lot of things wrong, it was obvious that he truly loved his daughters, and regretted not being part of their lives earlier. He became a better person and father as the story went on, driving home the point that you have to try to make your life the best that it can be, even if you are not entirely successful.

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