From “Fallout” to “Bunker”

After reading the book “Fallout”, this book seemed to be the perfect follow-up. Fallout told the story of how John Hersey revealed to the country the horrors of atomic bombs. As a result, both the government and citizens realized the terrible danger we would be in if such a bomb was dropped on our country. The best way to survive such an attack would be to shelter in an underground bunker.

While “Fallout” was easy to read, “Bunker” is a more detailed and dense. It begins by giving the reader the history of bunkers. I am about 50 pages into the book so far. This book is tougher to get through, but I am determined to finish reading it.

Excerpt from page 51:

One subterranean lair is known as Raven Rock or Site R, which in a 1954 edition of Life magazine was called out as the “alternative pentagon”. It was originally imagined as a five-to-six-square-mile facility in which fourteen hundred inhabitants kept the space humming underneath a quarter mile of Pennsylvania granite. Five parallel caverns housed three-storey buildings mounted on massive springs that would flex during blast shock. The first version of the facility was completed in 1953 at a cost of $47 million. Billions of dollars have since been dumped into it, expanding the site to a flabbergasting thirty-seven square miles; today, the bunker has people working in it 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s a fully functioning underground city, replete with a well-stocked bar.

(excerpt from page 51)

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