Where To Find It In the Bible – by Ken Anderson (2001)

People all over the world look to the Bible for answers to life’s situations and problems. They also search the Bible for historical information about ancient places and individuals. Let’s face it – the Bible is a wealth of information, but how do you get to the specific pages that you want?

Mr. Anderson spent years gathering lists of Bible passages that were about contemporary topics. His lists kept growing, and he kept adding subjects of interest. Finally a friend suggested that others might be interested in such a guide too. So in 2001, Mr. Anderson, with the help of his wife and grandsons published this 578-page book, which pinpoints Bible passages about 3,700 different topics. It can help you find verses about anxiety, grudges, motivation, politics, terrorism, wealth, war and heaven. You can also find references to giants (Goliath was not the only one), geriatrics, sewing, and carpenters.

An updated printing is coming out, called “The Little Book Of Where To Find It In the Bible”. It is shorter, at 324 pages. It is available for pre-order through Amazon, and should be in bookstores in September. If you’re one of those people that really likes to dig into the Bible, this would be a great reference item for your home library.

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