Flat Stanley – by Jeff Brown (1964)

During our state’s shut-down, I tried to keep my grandson interested in books by calling him every day and reading a chapter (or more) of a book. We read through all the kids’ chapter books at my house for his age. With school shut down and public libraries closed, I ran out of things to read to him. So I ended up re-reading some old favorites. “Flat Stanley” was one of those books!

This tale came out of the author’s evening story time with his own kids. In 1964, the book burst onto store and library shelves. Flat Stanley was a huge hit! What kid isn’t fascinated with the story of a half-inch thick boy flattened by a bulletin board? While in his flattened condition, Stanley Lambchop had some amazing adventures.

Twenty years later, the author started writing more stories about Flat Stanley: Stanley and the Magic Lamp, Stanley in Space, Stanley’s Christmas Adventure, Invisible Stanley, and Stanley, Flat Again! A new generation of kids snapped up the stories. The stories were so loved that they were translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Hebrew for children around the world.

In 2003, Jeff Brown passed away, but other authors started a spin-off series under the name of Flat Stanley’s World-Wide Adventures. The newer books are enjoyable, but the book that started it all is still the best, in my opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley – by Jeff Brown (1964)”

    1. Mark, this is considered an easy reader chapter book. I’d say it’s about the right reading level for most 2nd graders or advanced 1st graders. You could also read it to your son. Whatever you can do to develop a love for books is good!


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