The Gift Of Easter

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If you google “Easter 2020” on your computer or phone and look at the images suggested, they are all of the bunnies and colorful candy variety. Society has trivialized this day for decades. The original Easter morning was anything but trivial.

Jesus had been unjustly beaten for hours,  and put to death in the most horrifying way that society could come up with. He allowed this to happen to pay for the sins of every person on earth. His bloodied, lifeless body was wrapped and put in a borrowed tomb.

On the third day – the day we call Easter – He came back to life, and left the tomb. And that, my friends, is what Easter Sunday is all about. Not egg hunts. Not sugary treats. Not even huge family dinners where everyone gorges on ham, candied yams, and apple pie. Yes, it’s good to spend time with your family, and laugh, and play games with the kids. But maybe, just maybe, since so many of us are under stay-at-home orders to battle the coronavirus, we can spend this Easter appreciating the sacrifice that Jesus made out of total love for us.

Try listening to these wonderful Easter songs:

Nicole C. Mullen – “My Redeemer Lives”

Don Francisco – “He’s Alive”

Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris – “I’ve Just Seen Jesus!”

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