While We Are Home

Well, the coronavirus has managed to change the lives of almost everyone around the globe. Most of us are confined to home in an attempt to slow the contagion to a manageable amount for hospitals. While watching, waiting, and praying for relief, we have been the opportunity to do a lot of things that we deemed ourselves “too busy” to do in normal times. Here are some of the things I found to do while at home:

Vacuum out the car. Even though the car hasn’t moved in a week, it is now clean and tidy, and will probably stay lookin’ good for a long time!

Transfer photos from the cell phone into your computer, label and save. Most people have taken a bunch of pictures with their phone, and that is where it sits. I went through and selected which pictures were worth saving and which just needed to be tossed. It freed up a lot of space on the phone.

Call or text your family to see how they’re doing. This will take more time than you think, but hey, you have the time now.

Play table games with whoever you are sheltered with. We’ve been going back to actual physical games like Scrabble, Rummicube, Quiddler and Dominos. It’s fun and keeps the mind sharp.

Take walks for exercise if your state allows it. We’re not allowed to use park playgrounds, but we are free to keep walking/jogging/bicycling for exercise as long as we maintain a six-foot distance. I take one or two walks a day, unless it’s raining. If another person is coming toward me on the sidewalk, I just cross the street, wave and call “hello”, and they do the same. There are now a lot of people in our neighborhood out walking. I regularly see parents walking with their kids, something I haven’t seem much of in years. Having been freed up from the frantic pace of shuttling kids to this and that, they are re-discovering the joy of simple walking.

Pull out the clothesline if you have one, and start using it. It’s finally warm enough here to start using it again. The sun makes everything smell like springtime, and seems to have a sanitizing effect.

Keep up your reading. With public libraries being closed, it has definitely gotten harder to do. Our library system offers e-books and e-audiobooks, although with everyone checking them out, the selection is kind of limited. Look around your home for unread books, or re-read a book that was really good.

This is just a starter list, with endless possibilities. Do a yard clean-up, start a little garden, do an art project. Being at home doesn’t have to be a boring existence.

Author: alwaysreading1

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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