Eating Out In The Days Of The Coronavirus

eating out

The coronavirus that is plaguing the world shows no sign of easing up. This week our area had its first confirmed cases. Several unnamed people traveled, came back home, and went out to eat all over our county. We know because the local news listed all the restaurants that they stopped at, and what dates and times they were there. I’m sure those folks didn’t intend to pass around a dangerous virus. But they exposed a lot of employees and customers unnecessarily, and now our area is in the red zone.

I have never understood how some people can eat out so constantly.  You have to drive to the restaurant, often wait to be seated, wait to have your order taken, wait for the food to be cooked, and wait to get the check before you can pay and leave. It’s much simpler and  less expensive to cook something at home. In addition, you have no idea how sanitary or unsanitary the restaurant kitchen is, whether the people handling your food are sick, or if the people at the surrounding tables are healthy or not.

It’s not a good idea to be eating out right now. People are not taking the situation seriously. They just want to keep living their lives as usual, going to concerts, eating out, going to movies, etc. But we are going to have a terrible getting over this virus if everyone keeps doing whatever they feel like doing. The people who appear healthy but are carriers are just as dangerous as the obviously sick ones. Everyone really needs to stay home, not just sick ones. It’s a pain in the neck to temporarily change your lifestyle, but staying home is probably our best shot at getting this crisis under control.

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