October Dawn – by Jim Walker (2001)

October Dawn

It’s late 1962, and Johnny Pera is at his parents’ home in Morro Beach, California for the first time in many years. His father is the head of an organized crime group on the West Coast, overseeing casinos in Las Vegas.

Johnny made the decision many years ago to separate himself from the family business. He also rejected the family’s Catholic background, choosing a Protestant church instead and becoming a minister. He married, had two kids, and then was widowed. His kids are teenagers now, but have never met their father’s relatives. But it’s Johnny’s parents’ 50th anniversary, and he takes the kids to meet their grandparents for the first time.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the CIA is getting intel about possible Russian missiles being brought into nearby Cuba. Fidel Castro has taken over the little country, but rebels are organizing and trying to assassinate him. The presence of missiles is verified, and President Kennedy is notified. Now comes the dilemma. Do they just watch and wait, or attack Cuba?

So what binds the two storylines together? Johnny’s father is gunned down at the 50th anniversary party. Johnny vows to find the murderer. He starts out thinking it must be a member of a competing Mafia family. But as time goes on, he finds out that the CIA thinks his father may have been involved in the situation in Cuba.  Johnny’s search for the truth leads him to Florida, the closest part of the United States to Cuba. If you like stories with fact and fiction mixed together, and are a history buff, this should be a good read for you.

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