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I recently spent some time in another part of the country, and experienced stick shock when we went to buy groceries. We tried several different stores, with the same results. Buying and cooking our own food out there was definitely less expensive than eating out, but it was still way more than we paid at home.

Then we returned home, and I drove to the local Aldi grocery-store to refill our empty refrigerator. Ah, what joy to find that reasonable prices still existed! As I wheeled the cart around the store, I marveled at the bargains I and the other shoppers were getting.

Aldi 2Milk for $1.88 a gallon

Aldi 1Eggs for 78 cents a dozen

Aldi 3Fresh orange juice for $1.99

Aldi 4
Organic ketchup, NO high fructose in it, for $1.65

Aldi 5
Honey Nut Crispy Oats for $1.19 a box. It’s their own version of Honey-Nut Cheerios, which is one of the few name-brand items they carry. (I think they carry Honey Nut Cheerios just so that you can see how overpriced it is!) The Aldi Crispy Oats cereal is every bit as good as the name-brand cereal, and is a third of the price.

Aldi 6Aldi also makes their own version of Life cereal, both the plain and the cinnamon kind. It tastes the same, and is much less expensive than the usual $3.00 or more for Life.

Aldi 8Aldi usually sells their bananas for about 44 cents a pound, as opposed to about 55 cents at other stores, but when they have a surplus of bananas they will lower the price even more. The day I shopped, bananas were an incredible 28 cents a pound!

Aldi 10Toilet paper isn’t something most people give much thought, but the Aldi 1-ply version (septic system safe) is about the same quality as the Scott brand and much cheaper.

Aldi 11Their lunchmeat is reasonably priced and tasty.

Aldi 13The beef roast is a little less than at other stores, and tastes the same. I like that they shrink wrap the roast meat, which keeps it fresh in your fridge longer than the roasts from other stores where they just slap plastic wrap over the tray, leaving a lot of air next to the meat.

Aldi 12Because chicken is inexpensive and healthy, we tend to eat a lot of it at our house. At times, Aldi has chicken thighs as low as 79 cents a pound.

Aldi 14One of my favorite items at Aldi’s is their mild, low-acid coffee. It’s reasonably priced and easier on the stomach than the name-brand coffees from other grocery stores.

Aldi does a great job of providing the basic foods you need at an affordable price. While it doesn’t carry every food you may want, it still has enough to be your regular grocery store, with the occasional run to a traditional store for specialty items.

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