My $3.00 Bag Of Books

2019-07-12 Thrift store 3.00 bag of books

About once a month, I have a few thrift stores that I visit to check for book deals. There are specific types of books that I hunt for:
– Easy readers, chapter books, and young adult fiction for our local school library
– Christian paperback books (fiction and non-fiction that men would enjoy)  for a local prison ministry
– Reader’s Digest Condensed books for a family member who loves those short reads
– A few good fiction and biography books for myself

Today was one of my best book runs. One of our neighborhood thrift stores had a $3.00 book bag sale. Old books, new books, fiction, biographies, non-fiction, even sheet music books – whatever books you could fit into a paper grocery bag – was only #3.00.

I ended up with 27 easy readers, 5 chapter books, 3 kids’ non-fiction, 3 young adult novels, 3 paperback fiction, 6 non-fiction/biography, 1 Reader’s Digest, 1 pop-up book, and a large pixel coloring book with a $12 price tag still on it! You just can’t beat the value – fifty books for $3.00! If you are on a tight budget but love to read, check out your local thrift store.

Author: alwaysreading1

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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