Choosing To See – by Mary Beth Chapman (2010)

Choosing To See

Mary Beth Chapman is married to Steven Curtis Chapman, the award-winning Christian music artist. Together they had three children, but their family was not complete. When their oldest child Emily was in high school, she became convinced that her parents should adopt an orphan girl from China.

After some thought and much prayer, Steven and Mary Beth became convinced that God did indeed want them to adopt. Over the course of a few years, they adopted three little girls from orphanages in China. The youngest child was named Maria.

The book covers how the Chapmans met and married, Steven’s struggle to make it in the music industry, and their growing family. There are good times and bad times. But nothing compares in tragedy to the day when little Maria dashes in front of their son Will’s car, and is run over. She is rushed to the hospital, but is too badly injured to survive. The entire family experiences almost unbearable grief, as well as feelings of guilt.

This was an extremely difficult story to read. I had to stop and start back up several times to finish the book. The very randomness of Maria’s death gives the reader the uneasy realization that this could happen to any family. All it takes is one small thing to happen, and your child can be gone. For most people, this is a disturbing thought. But Steven and Mary Beth leaned on their deep faith in God, and their family slowly was able to heal. Their testimony reminds us that no matter what terrible things may happen in life, God will carry us through our darkest days.

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