The Influenza Bomb: a novel – by Paul McCusker & Walt Larimore (2010)

the influenza bomb

This book looked interesting when I first picked it up. It has a historic base – biological warfare and the influenza epidemic of 1917-1918. On that base, the authors wove a story that jumps back and forth in time, skips from country to country, and switches among characters so much that I lose track of who is who.

The main storyline is sound: a virus that has been gone for decades has been preserved and is being used by terrorists to cause a new epidemic. But most of the book jumps around so much that the characters remain shallow. They just run around, frantically trying to find the hidden virus and the bad guys who are spreading it around. There is not a lot of mystery here.

I did finish the book, thinking there would be some surprise ending, but it ended much as I expected. It was an okay read, but with little suspense.

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